Arab Debt Recovery


Guarantees and commitments of Arab Debt Recovery

Our goal is simply to get the satisfaction of our customers and maintain a lasting partnership together. All the diversity of our actions are dictated by the imperative to respect a code of ethics imposed through all stages of our work in preserving respect for people.

Ethical charter

We guarantee our customers :
1 - Coverage by the moral guarantee for the funds due to you
2 - The payment of money available on time
3 - The competence and morality of our employees
4 - Confidentiality of information
5 - The application of tariffs and conditions clear
6 - regular reports
We promise to respect your debtors :
7 - Do not claim that the amounts contractually and legally due
8 - Identify ourselves clearly and unambiguously
9 - Respect people and their privacy
10 - Look, if possible, an amicable agreement
11 - prevention before any court, if possible
12 - Responding to requests for information on claims
13 - Use plain language and understandable


We guarantee compliance with statutory obligations of our professional organization and compliance with existing regulations.


Client Access

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Signing of Contract with Attijari Bank

Arab Debt recovery signed a warrant for debt collection with Attijari Bank, Former Bank of the South.

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