Arab Debt Recovery


ADR is composed of lawyers, who specialize in the collection of civil and commercial claims. Able to plead, draw conclusions, they call and follow the formalities of Bailiffs, when any amicable solution failed.
Three adjectives that are the critical factors for achieving a work eligible for funds from the records entrusted to us.
Several speakers, qualities and complementary skills, working together to resolve your issues.
Openness facilitates the analysis that determines the conduct of our actions.
We are able to manage large accounts (Banking and Insurance, Institutional, Large groups, etc..) Records as individuals (Recognition of debts, alimony, etc..).


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ADR opens its doors

Arab Debt Recovery opens its doors and launched its services in Recovery.

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Contact ADR Recovery

5 Place Pasteur, 4éme étage
Tunis-bélvdère, 1002
Tél : +216 71 78 83 15
Fax : +216 71 78 77 01

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