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Debt Recovery

Debt collection phase amicably

Maintaining customer relationship is essential for any business. Therefore, our lawyers focus as much as possible negotiations for amicable settlement of your claims.
We proceed prior to a thorough analysis of creditworthiness of debtors to determine the best solution to recover your debts.
Phase friendly, our lawyers at each stage alter the sequence, content and support interventions to ensure that debtors do not get used to raises.
Our goal: Protecting maximum customer relations.

Debt collection in judicial phase

If the phase amicable fails or if it has already been initiated within your company, we conduct the judicial recovery of your receivables.
Our business attorneys determine the most suitable procedure and keep track of files, the initiation of proceedings until his execution after a court decision.
Upon obtaining a trial, our lawyers drive the execution, display the status of bailiffs debtor's assets (bank accounts, claims against third parties ...) and target actions to expedite.
Our strengths: A network of lawyers and bailiffs extended over France, which allows you to obtain a rapid and efficient execution of judgments obtained.
Our commitment: The same lawyer is responsible for monitoring your records throughout the procedure. This provides a focal point that keeps you informed regularly of developments in the dispute.

International Debt Collection

Operate a debt recovery abroad can be lengthy and costly for your business. Therefore, we propose to benefit from the expertise of our lawyers specializing in international recovery.
To reduce the unnecessary steps, we determine at the outset the procedure best suited to your situation.
Our correspondents abroad to negotiate with your debtors. If that fails, they get a conviction in the shortest possible time and make it run under the best conditions.
Our strengths:

  • A network of correspondents worldwide.
  • A mastery of the process of recovery, legal procedures and foreign languages for maximum efficiency in the processing of your files.

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